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Yellow Underwear

Tachibana leaves the organization after release and pledges a new beginning and finds her lover’s house. A sign that a lover is waiting for him Tachibana, who confirmed the yellow handkerchief, gladly enters the house. But her lover is invisible, and three sisters Reiko, Kaori and Emi meet him. The yellow handkerchief that he saw was yellow panties, Three women entered the house where the lover left and operated as a church. Tachibana, who found a disappointment in the bar, meets Reiko and Kaori, who run the bar of the nun concept. Reiko and Kaori then take Tachibana, drunk and drunk, home. Tachibana, who had a relationship with three women, I know that I am not a real nun and that I am wounded in each of my own homes and relies on each other. In the meantime, she feels a crush on Emmy, but she does not want to burden her. After such an uproar, Reiko, Kaori and Emi decided to walk away from the church and walk their own paths. Tachibana also plans to go under the organization for another three years. Three years later, Tachibana went past the house where they lived. There he finds a veranda full of yellow panties and meets Emi. Emmy confessed she was waiting for Tachibana. Eventually, they confirm each other’s love.

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Actors: , ,



Duration: 64 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 01 March 2019