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Wandering Swallowtail Butterfly Trout

Along with her lover, she also attends a playground where her lover ‘From there, I see the director, Tsubasa, and join the theater. Tsubasa’s theater was collecting audiences with naked theater Tsubasa is going to challenge again the orthodox that he really wanted to do through the Akiha. However, the members who are reluctant to escape from the old format complain to the first person, the aggie, and torment her. Even after returning home after sexual punishment at the theater, The swallowing of the body tries to respond to Tsubasa’s faith. As a result, despite the failure of the first play in front of an empty audience Theater plays a good reputation with the good performance of the aviary. After successfully completing the play, Akihaha reminds me of Tsubasa, I can not get close to it and I am tempted to hover around him. Tsubasa follows her crab while watching her temptations, but she can not reach it either. In the end, the aggrie makes an outdoor affair with a lover on the roof of the theater, and Tsubasa leaves after watching it. The aggas who refused the hand of the lover to finish the affair and return together She remains as lonely as the heroine that she plays.

Genre: ,




Duration: 63 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 10 October 2018