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Twin Red Foxes

Su Nuo (Qiu Yinong) was born as a dead baby, but was born because of the colorful stones left by Nuwa to fill the sky. Red Fox Sanjiu and Shen Gongbao (played by Li Nan) fled after the battle because they were possessed by Suno and were able to save their lives. The young girl Sunuo rescued the young prince Zi Xin (played by Dai Chao) of the Yin Shang Dynasty. Because of her design, she and Zi Xin became love and hate. Sunuo also gave her life for this. Many years later, Su Nuwa was turned into a glamorous woman named Su Daji by Nüwa.

Genre: ,

Actors: , ,



Duration: 82 Menit

Quality:  FULL HD

Release Date: 23 June 2020