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The Miracle of Naga Gem

Miracle Kaew Nakaraj (Boon Hed Bunsang) presents the story of Phol (New Chai Phol), a boy from upcountry. Shaped by teachings from the guidance of grandmother But because of family problems, he decided to turn away from religion. Step into the circle of gangsters and all forms of drugs to irony life This was the reason why he had to escape the police chase in Bangkok, women, drugs and violence. Causing chaos in the lives of Admiral so that he almost could not survive often Until he met an old friend Nui (Tui Kiat Kamon) who persuaded him to work with Jee Phen (Anya Oraya), the leader of a famous mafia in the underground industry that uses the Social Welfare Foundation to conceal but secretly runs a back-end drug delivery business.

Duration: 105 Menit

Quality:  HD (Low)

Release Date: 22 November 2018