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The Casino

A handsome stranger (Yueh Hua) strolls into a casino one evening and all but cleans out the house, beating 160-1 odds at dice by getting three of a kind. He informs beautiful proprietress Miss Cui (Lily Ho Li-li) that he actually came there for her and reveals himself as her betrothed, Luo Tianguang. The couple wed, but their bliss is interrupted when Luo agrees to help old friend Lun Liu (Chin Feng) defeat crooked gambler Hao Lishan (Shih Kien), who uses rigged dice. Anxious to avenge his humiliation, Hao tries various means to get revenge and enlists the aid of Captain Fan (Fan Mui-sang), who gets kickbacks from the various gambling outlets in the area. However, Luo’s incredible skill with dice and superior martial arts abilities allow him to dodge these threats. On top of this, Luo decides to permanently close his and Miss Cui’s casino and "use gambling to stop gambling," a pledge that makes him even more of a threat to Hao and the corrupt officials who benefit from the status quo.

Duration: 77 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 30 March 1972