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Smiles Leading To Happiness

Daichi (Mahiro Takasugi) is a young dental technician. He is called a prince due to his excellent skills at work and his handsome appearance. One day, he meets again his childhood friend Manatsu (Seia Yasuda). Manatsu has just began work as a dental hygienist at a clinic in th suburb. Meanwhile, Daichi receives recognition for his work by dental clinic director (Yuichi Kimura) and dentist (Yuuki Tsujimoto), but his father (Tetsuhiro Ikeda), who runs a dental technician's office, thinks Daichi’s skills are not good enough. Daichi then receives a complaint from a patient. Manatsu tries to comfort him, but they end up having an argument.


Actors: , ,



Duration: 89 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 15 February 2019