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Night is Coming

Sun-Young (Ham Eun-Jung) needs to find a job. She takes out a high interest private loan to pay for her sister's hospital fees. Her sister was paralyzed in a traffic accident. To pay her loan back, Sun-Young needs to find a job soon. She has one final interview left, before a company will hire her. Sun-Young goes to Wolta Mountain where the final interview will take place. Song-Hun (Lee Won-Jong) is a corrupt detective. He needs money to send to his daughter who is studying overseas. Song-Hun takes money from a crime scene, but his source runs away with the money that he took. Song-Hun learns that his source is hiding out on Wolta Mountain and he goes there to find him. A-Jin (Seo Jun-Young) used to be a popular actor, but his star status has now faded. The female CEO of a management company uses him for sex. One day, A-Jin is taken to Wolta Mountain by the CEO. Sun-Young, Song-Hun and A-Jin meet at a mountain cabin on Wolta Mountain.


Actors: , ,



Duration: 89 Menit

Quality:  HD (High)

Release Date: 30 November 2017