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Jungle Girl Restart

Gu Xiaoqin’s factory exploded and a fire took the lives of 99 people in the workshop. Gu Xiaoqin came to a virgin forest to redeem their lives in search of a "lunatic" time restarter invented by scientists, but just stepped into the jungle, beasts, traps, men in black The appearance of Gu Xiaoqin and his teammates died one after another. Gu Xiaoqin, who woke up again, found that she had entered a space-time vortex. Can she find the time restarter to go back to the past? How many secrets her teammates have remained unknown? What is hidden in the repeated pursuit of the man in black? How to avoid the dangers of beasts is Gu Xiaoqin will face one by one.

Genre: , ,

Actors: ,



Duration: 73 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 29 September 2020