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Janes Summer

When the reality is suffocating, and when new thrills are necessary, a provocative R-rated romance of imperfect youth unfolds in the hot Bangkok 'Jane' is a dancer with outstanding talents but is always taken away of her spotlight. After failing an audition she had been anticipating and with a complicated heart, she leaves for Bangkok where her friend 'Ji Woo' is. These two came to meet with two men called 'Summer' and 'Rainfall' at a pub they frequent, and Jane who was filled with sexual encounters also begins an unconventional and risky relationship with them. Following their instincts, these people spend their time getting into each other... Four men and a woman with mixed eyes set on each other, the provocative R-rated romance's end is indeed...!

Genre: ,

Actors: , ,



Duration: 90 Menit

Quality:  FULL HD

Release Date: 01 May 2020