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Gantian Dong

Kasino tries to impress Vera, who wants to act in a movie. Kasino convinces her that he has a famous film director friend, Indro, who recently returned from abroad. On a holiday, Indro, Susan and Henny go on a camping trip. Kasino, who brings Vera along, has initiated this trip. Lola brings along Dono. She is actually after Indro while Dono is after her. Vera, who believes that Indro is a film director, goes after him. More misunderstandings occur until Kasino’s lie is finally exposed. Then Kasino tries to chase another girl, this time is in a restaurant. But the girl, Julia, already has a boyfriend, Tony, a thug. Unfortunately, it is Indro who becomes the boyfriend’s jealous target. Indro is followed wherever he goes and it makes him paranoid. Dono and Kasino suggest that he hides in a coffin and they would announce that he is dead. At first, Tony believes this, but he wants to prove it himself. Luckily, Julia comes to give an explanation so Indro is rescued from his predicament.


Actors: , ,



Duration: 93 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 17 July 1985