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Flower Lady's Heart Scent

Reiko is three months old when the flowers left her husband 's heart . When my husband's vacancy gets used to little by little, he decides to live alone again. My husband's day after day. From the three letters left to Reiko, try to read the one you want to read on the day of the day. It contained the words that they wanted to live freely with their own life. Reiko begins to be concerned about Masayuki, the only Japanese student in his flower arrangement class. Reiko was left alone with Masayuki in a classroom where everyone went back by chance. The two confess to each other and share their love. Reiko thinks he is free as his husband says, but the reality is that he has been out of money for months. Eventually, the delivery side says he can't deliver flowers without paying money, and Reiko always looks for a man who delivers. He needs to have sex Reiko blind eye to the condition that the arrears, and I, she reluctantly accepts his conditions for a flower arrangement classroom management

Genre: ,




Duration: 63 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 10 July 2015