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Female Friend

Singer Mi-jung and her high school friend and manager Jimin decide to stay away from the stalker for a few days. And as the bodyguard Kang Joon-do, who was attached by the company, came to the pension, three strange cohabitation begins. Kang declares that he will not do anything but his duty, escort, but he needs money and listens to their needs little by little. Then Kang Joon, who ran errands one day, stands in front of Mijeong's visit with a strange sound and sees Mijeong masturbates there. The two faced each other and the embarrassed Kang Joon turned back as if he was running away. After that, Joon and Mi-jeong become aware of each other. One day, Jimin's ex-investigator Park Chul visits and tells us that the stalker was killed. Then Park hears that Jimin is not a stalker. He begins to investigate another stalker and suspect.

Genre: ,




Duration: 83 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 01 October 2019