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Arrogant Young Lady Stepsisters

Ayaka (Hatano Yui) has lost a ring and tells the sister Reica (Sho Nishino), who immediately blames the maid (Kanae Ruka) who she previously hated with a passion. Together they storm the maid quarters and blame her for stealing the ring, making her go fully naked on a table in search of the lost ring, humiliating her. The Brother of Kanae and family’s driver gets word of what happened, and he also discovers the ring was not stolen but carelessly lost by Hatano. Enraged by this injustice he goes to ask Reica for an explanation. Reica’s arrogance and insults make him even angrier, and he gathers the courage to finally carry an act of revenge.

Genre: ,

Actors: , ,



Duration: 181 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 25 March 2017