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You Make Me Dance

Genre: ,

Pemeran Utama: , ,



Episode: 8 / 8

Durasi: 10 Menit

Kualitas Video: HD

Tahun Rilis: 2021

Si On is a university student who is majoring in dance. Even though all his family left for him is a painful setback, he wants to dance just like his mother. He does not give up on dancing no matter how hard the situation is. Meanwhile, Hong Seok, a debt collector of Chachacha Capital, goes after Si On for money, but somehow he gets curious about him. When he sees him dance, he realizes once he had a dream too, which is becoming a pianist. Will these boys able to achieve their dreams? This drama will show how Si On and Hong Seok gets along as a debtor and creditor sharing a rooftop apartment.