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The Shipper

Episode: 24 / 24

Durasi: 45 Menit

Kualitas Video: HD

Tahun Rilis: 2020

Pan and Soda, two fujoshi like to imagine Boy couples get together. But the partner that they both like to catch up with the two best friends of the school are Way, the cool athlete, and Kim, an outstanding student. Although in truth Both know that the whole story is just a fantasy. Because Way already has a girlfriend, PhingPhing which irritates the two girls. One day after almost causing Way to be expelled, Pan met Kim. Kim Volunteers to take Pan home. But there was an accident! Once they regained consciousness Pan and Kim met with the god of death. The god of death said that they were not yet dead. Therefore she sends the spirits back into the body. When waking up, Pan finds herself in the body of Kim from the mistakes of the god of death. Kim's soul in Pan's body is still not recovered. The god of death promised to find a solution. But now, Pan has to stay in Kim's body first. But being Kim is not easy at all. Even to be near Way Created an awkward moment. In addition, the matter is even more difficult. When Pan learned that Khet who sits next to Pan is the real brother of Kim, she finds herself in an even more awkward situation. However, she decides to use this as a chance to make her ship sail. Will Pan successfully get the two shipped? Or is it all too much for her?