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The Effect

Episode: 3 / 3

Durasi: 48 Menit

Kualitas Video: HD

Tahun Rilis: 2019

Shin, a shy and reserved 1st-year university student, admires from afar his senior Keng. Keng is tall, handsome, smart and owns the heart of many girls on campus. But what others don't see is the pressure to be perfect from his family that weighs on Keng's shoulders. Due to Shin's clumsiness, he becomes acquainted with the handsome senior. As Keng takes a liking to his junior, jealousy from peers makes the cyber world a breeding ground for hate and nasty rumors. The sourness of mental instability crowds Keng's mind, while Shin wants nothing more than to not be noticed. Shin falls a victim not only to strangers online but to Keng as well. For nobody but Shin can overcome the trauma that will be placed upon him. All he needs is for the strangers to listen. Because only then can they understand "the effect" that they have on others.