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I'm Tee, Me Too

Episode: 8 / 8

Durasi: 60 Menit

Kualitas Video: HD

Tahun Rilis: 2020

After losing his beloved mother, Watee or "Tee" becomes a lonely man. He has no father, siblings, nor even close relatives. The only thing left is a house. It's a home full of happy memories. The Door, the window, the sofa, every square inch of the house is like a diary, recording all the happiest moments of his twenty years. Tee spends almost a month alone in the house before learning the truth: the house has an outstanding six mortgage instalments, almost forty thousand baht per instalment. In order to pay it, Tee resolves to turn the mostly empty home into a rental. Although he's distrustful of others and though he dislikes the idea of living with strangers, given his financial problems, he grudgingly settles for sleeping on the sofa in the living room and concedes the bedrooms to five strangers. His home attracts five students from the same university, each with the same name: Tee. Although all six Tees have the same names, their habits and behaviours are anything but. Watee just has to endure it for six months until the mortgage is paid; then he can get rid of them. How will their presence affect Watee? Will he be able to pay off the mortgage and get the peace as he desires? Or will something happen to change the behaviours of all six residents? (