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I Dreamed of That Girl

Episode: 1 / 1

Durasi: 60 Menit

Kualitas Video: HD

Tahun Rilis: 2020

"I Want to Chase Him!" The irresistible high school girl, Nakajo Ayami. She is tired of living a life of constant confessions and has a desire to be rejected just once. One day, she receives an mysterious email saying that she has been rejected... "And Then There's a Legend" Thirty years after the Demon King who ruled the world was destroyed. A nurse working in a clinic with one of the Knights of Light, Yamazato, who has retired from active duty. The news of the resurrection of the Demon King arrives... and by a strange turn of events, Yoshine Kyoko becomes the hero. "The Invisible Person" Starring: Nana Mori This is an original story not from the book. The keyword of the story is that she is an "innocent heroine". "The Warmth of Those Tears" Marie Iitoyo failed to confess to the man she loved. As she's at home regretting her decision, a little man appears in her room and hands her something called a "reset button". Marie pressed the button fearfully, but... "Fusen Gum" Sakurako Ohara, a fairy who is always chewing fusen gum. Suddenly, she appears in front of the mountain villagers, puffs up the gum and pops it open... and has the uncanny ability to lighten the black emotions of the mountain villagers with a fluffy smile.... "Black belt-chan and Glass-kun" Maika Yamamoto, a genius karate girl. suddenly confesses her feelings to Yamazato, she makes a promise to him that that if she can take his handkerchief away from him, he can go out with her. The long battle between Maika and Yamazato begins...! "Little School Wars" A foursome of boys, known as the "Darkness Four," gather together to have a good time talking bad about people. Karen Otomo, the manager of the soccer club, always treats them equally. They are not pleased with her,