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From Now On, Showtime!

Genre: ,

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Episode: 11 / 11

Durasi: 60 Menit

Kualitas Video: HD

Tahun Rilis: 2022

Technological development of the 21st century fills the night sky with satellites and puts smartphones in the hands of basically everyone. Despite this modern era, there are still some of those who believe in spirits and fortune-telling. Although these are just myths and entertainment for most people, it is not for Cha Cha Woong. Cha Woong is a nationwide famous magician well known for his exclusive tricks. However, the fact is that his tricks do not come from deception but from an actual supernatural ability. His ability to interact with spirits and ghosts allows him to make unreal performances on stage. But his use of power changes as he meets a passionate police officer with limitless stamina, Ko Seul Hae. Their encounter starts a new type of investigation in which ghosts become witnesses and the deceased provide verbal information. The joint operation of a first-class magician and a rookie officer breaks cases on a totally different level. Dead men tell no tales, but here, they tell us everything.